City of Los Angeles, California

Silver Lake Neighborhood Council


April 7, 2011

Meeting began at 6:35.

Members present were Bob Herzog co-chairperson, Jennifer Palmer-Lacey, Bea Gold, Lynne Zuccaro, Ron Van Ammers, Michael Masterson co-chairperson, Dorsay Dujon.

Lynne Zuccaro acted as scribe.

Minutes were corrected and approved.


1.     No new interviews

2.     Mary Alice Barault called Bob – she is ready, Dorsay will interview.

3.     Ellen Jacobs – Jennifer has her questionnaire info, will set up date.

4.     Bob will interview Jennifer Palmer-Lacey. They will set date

5.     Bob talked to Julie Bagish, founder of Art Collective about an interview.

Archives: May 13 has been tentatively selected as the date to take the archives to USC however it may have to be later; waiting for Dace to confirm her schedule. A small group from the committee will make the presentation and video the ceremony.

Alejandro has not yet taken class on editing for website clip.

SLNC History Collective Award:   SLNC has approved payment for the Silver Lake History award. The LA and Silver Lake logos have been taken to Mr. Yu at Best Trophy and he has the approved layout – the awards should be ready in about 5 days. If possible, the first award will be presented to Bea Gold at the May 5 SLNC meeting. Michael will set it up with Rusty and Clint, also see if Tom LaBonge or Eric Garcetti would be available to do it.

Meetings: It was agreed that the collective skip meeting in July and August and resume in September.

Next meeting: May 5 at Silver Lake Library at 6:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15.

Submitted by Lynne Zuccaro

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