Reservoir Refill Fast-Tracked

The Silver Lake Reservoir at Sunset. (Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy)
Thanks to a snowpack in the Eastern Sierras that is 241 percent above normal, the refill of the Silver Lake and Ivanhoe Reservoirs will begin one month ahead of schedule (mid-April) and completed in approximately two months, instead of one year. In a press release issued March 22, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) reported that surplus of water in the LA Aqueduct System will be used to fill the reservoirs. An enthusiastic crowd also gathered at Ivanhoe Elementary to learn about the new schedule.

Anne-Marie Johnson, co-chair of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council said, “The SLNC has worked closely with the community, LADWP, and Council Districts 4 and 13 to ensure the reservoir would be refilled to historic levels as promised. We are thrilled that this will be done by the summer and wildlife and the community can once again enjoy this sanctuary in the city, but I encourage everyone to continue the habit of water conservation.”

LADWP also reported the black shade balls covering the Ivanhoe Reservoir will be removed in April and recycled, and the agency will provide funding for a consultant to develop a master plan for the reservoir complex area, which will be managed by the Bureau of Engineering, City of Los Angeles. Community meetings will be held to ensure all constituents have the opportunity to provide input.   Learn more about the updates here.