DWP to Remove/Trim Trees in Reservoir Grove Area on February 6

On the evening of January 26, the LADWP announced plans to remove two trees and trim several Eucalyptus branches within the Reservoir Grove on January 27. (The Grove has served as a nesting area for the Great Blue Heron for decades.)  Members of the SLNC Executive Committee shared concerns with LADWP representatives regarding timing of the notification and potential nesting disruptions. Subsequently, LADWP delayed the plans to gather more information and provide more time for resident notification. The agency has since announced that on Tuesday, February 6, it will proceed with updated plans for trimming and the removal of one tree. In an email communication, LADWP stated that the trees are being removed/trimmed to facilitate the construction of a proposed walkway within the Reservoir Complex near Silver Lake Drive, just South of Tesla Avenue and North of Hawick Street.