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Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board

Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM
at Ivanhoe Elementary School, 2828 Herkimer St., Los Angeles, CA 90039

Please check calendar for agendas.

Governing Board Agendas and Governing Board Minutes

The 21-member Governing Board supervises and authorizes the activities of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and its committees. There are two board members for each of the seven regions of the SLNC, and seven members At Large, elected to represent all of Silver Lake. Any stakeholder 18 years of age or older is eligible to run for a seat on the Governing Board.  Send an email to the entire SLNC Governing Board at



Heather Carson – At-Large Representative

A visual artist and long-time activist, I was born and raised in LA to a filmmaker mother and writer father who lived in Silver Lake while grad students in the late ’50s. I’ve been active politically since first volunteering at 11 for McGovern in 1971. Other highlights include Ferraro’s NY Senate bid (eventually becoming a staffer), and most recently for President Obama. Elected to the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council in 2014, I currently serve as Co-Chair. I also serve on the Urban Design & Preservation Committee, and Co-Chair the Arts & Culture Committee. I’m passionate about maintaining the unique character of Silver Lake, the arts, and advocating on behalf of neighbors as an At-Large Representative.


Jerome Courshon – Vice Chairman, SLNC Governing Board & Executive Committee; At-Large Representative

A longtime resident of Silver Lake, Jerome Courshon is a film producer as well as one of today’s leading experts in independent film distribution. Through his lectures, consulting services, and master class “The Secrets to Film Distribution,” he assists Producers & Directors with bringing their movies into the marketplace.

Courshon first became active in the community years ago in an effort to reduce bi-monthly car crashes at a dangerous intersection. With the help of DOT and CD4, the configuration of the intersection was changed, resulting in a major reduction of car crashes. Successful with that, he next became involved in advocating for 75+ neighbors over DWP’s lack of oversight during their major pipeline construction. (Which caused dozens of residents to get sick in 2012.) His lobbying led to implementation of proper health & safety practices — which have continued today through the final phase of DWP’s Silver Lake Reservoir pipeline construction. His work on this along with another key resident (and with assistance from the Neighborhood Council), resulted in saving DWP and the City a reported $46 Million.

As a member of the Neighborhood Council, Courshon continues to serve the Silver Lake community, and to stand up for those whose voices are often not heard by our City Government.


Glenn Harrell – At-Large Representative

As a longtime resident and business owner, I feel that I can be a strong asset to the community and its residents and business owners. I really can speak on behalf of other small-business owners in the Silver Lake District, having been a business owner for over 15 years in Silver Lake. I understand the trials and tribulations that small-business owners encounter, and would love to help them negotiate these obstacles. Community-wise, I am a forward-thinker and neighborhood safety-conscious, always looking out for the community residents, I care about the safety of our pedestrians and the neighborhood families. Finally, I am a fair and balanced individual, open to new ideas and feedback.


Anne-Marie Johnson – At-Large Representative, Co-Chair SLNC Governing Board; C0-Chair Bylaws & Standing Rules Committee

Lifelong Silver Lake resident and At-Large Neighborhood Council representative since 2011, I’m running again to continue the work I was elected to do. I’ve co-chaired town hall meetings including the Rowena Road Diet and Homelessness In Silver Lake and currently serve as co-chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee. Making quality of life issues a priority, I will work hard to make sure all Silver Lake residents, including businesses, treat each other with courtesy. From troubling traffic congestion to irresponsible growth, I will advocate to ensure the integrity of our community is protected and respected.



Scott Plante – At-Large Representative, Co-Chair SLNC Governing Board & Executive Committee; Co-Chair Urban Design and Preservation Committee

Scott Plante is originally from New England, and moved to Los Angeles and Silver Lake in 2009. An architect interested in urban design, he got involved with the SLNC’s Urban Design and Preservation Advisory Committee in 2010 while pursuing a repair project for the Micheltorena Street Stairway.  He is the current Co-Chairman of the Urban Design and Preservation Committee and a practicing architect in Los Angeles, concentrating in higher education work.

Scott says: “The Neighborhood Council is a very challenging environment to be in, but I have seen good things come from it. I believe you can make a difference through listening, perseverance, and practice. ”



Antonio Stifano – At-Large Representative

Owner of Michelangelo Ristorante I’ve worked and lived in Silver Lake for 18 years and love it. Many in the community know me as the owner of Michelangelo Ristorante, but I’m more than just a business owner. I am interested in serving and giving back to Silver Lake to help make this community the best it can be. I’m concerned about homelessness, overdevelopment, worsening traffic/congestion, inferior street lighting, abandoned properties and property crime to name a few. I want to make a difference and do my best as one of your At-Large Representatives



Hannah Anderson – Region 1 Representative; Assistant Secretary

Hannah Anderson is a graduate of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she studied art history and English. A resident of Silver Lake, she works in a marketing startup and brings social media expertise to the SLNC.



Doug Loewy – Region 1 Representative; Co-Chair Transportation and Public Works Committee

As a native Angelino and Silver Lake resident for the last 16 years, it has been exciting to watch the neighborhood evolve. At the same time, neighborhood and City issues exist which require immediate attention including parking, homelessness, traffic and public safety. After working for the last several months on the RV parking situation, I realized that I want to advocate for the neighborhood on the issues facing Silver Lake and make sure our voices are heard. For this reasons, I am serving as a Region I representative.


Barbara Ringuette – Region 2 Representative; Co-Chair Governmental Affairs Committee

Silver Lake is a great community. I began serving as Region 2 Representative in 2012 to help preserve what is special about our neighborhoods and tackle quality of life concerns. For the last two decades I’ve seen how crucial it is to work together on neighborhood and city-wide issues of homelessness, developments that don’t fit our neighborhoods, traffic congestion, and safety. I want to hear our community’s concerns and advocate for our neighbors.
I serve on the Urban Design Committee, as Neighborhood Council Budget Representative, and was co-chair of the SLNC Transportation & Public Works Committee for 4 years. Also, I serve on the Silver Lake Improvement Association Board.  My focus is on land use matters, preserving affordable housing, and homelessness. As an elected Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate and committee co-chair, I’ve represented neighborhood concerns and made recommendations to multiple City Departments, Councilmembers, the Mayor and Senator de León’s office.




Elizabeth Torres – Region 2 Representative; Co-Chair Friends of Silver Lake Animals Committee
I am originally an Echo Park native who has spent most of my formative years in Echo Park, Silver Lake, Los Feliz and Downtown. Some years back, I decided to become a more permanent fixture in the Silver Lake community by opening Washing Spot, located in Silver Lake on Sunset Boulevard (in Region 2). Becoming a larger part of Silver Lake has been a life long dream and now that it is accomplished, taking an active role in the neighborhood council is the next logical step. My hopes are to effect positive change and growth in the community.


Rebecca Ruben – Region 3 Representative

 In 2008, I moved from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles and, since 2015, have called Silver Lake home. I am drawn to our rich history and inspired by our welcoming and passionate community. Recently, Region 3 has experienced significant changes from rising homelessness, numerous large-scale and small lot developments, and local business turnover. In a time of so much change, it is critical that diverse stakeholder needs are represented. Serving on the SLNC Board will allow me to help build upon Silver Lake’s strong legacy of inclusivity while serving as an advocate for needs of fellow neighbors and business owners. Whether protecting wildlife at the Reservoir, ensuring crosswalks at our schools are safe for families, or helping new businesses join the community, I hope to represent all voices fairly in order to preserve our cultural history. With a background in non-profit fundraising and social work, I am passionate about human rights, healthy environments, youth development and community engagement. I look forward to collaborating with neighbors, local schools, and community resources to ensure Silver Lake remains true to its roots as an inclusive, beautiful, and vibrant community as it continues to expand.



Lee Sherman – Region 3 Representative

Originally from Chicago, I have lived in Los Angeles twice, first as a student at USC, and for the last five years as an attorney. Three years ago, I chose to live in Silver Lake because as a frequent visitor, I fell in love with this vibrant, creative, close-knit and diverse community. It did not take me long to volunteer for the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s Election Committee where i have worked to expand the access to vote and raise awareness about the neighborhood council. As a Region 3 representative, I intend to continue those efforts to ensure that the stakeholders in my region and throughout Silver Lake are adequately represented. When voter participation is maximized and our community is fully informed about what the neighborhood council does, I firmly believe we will be best positioned to come together to tackle any challenges that our community faces.


Kathleen Hudson – Region 4 Representative

Bio Pending


region 5boblisauskas

Bob Lisauskas – Region 5 Representative; Co-Chair Green Committee

My involvement in Silver Lake started 5 years ago through the Urban Design Committee when my business partner and I had this crazy idea to develop architectural interventions throughout the neighborhood that would bring a positive change. We focused on the Silver Lake steps, hidden gems meandering through our neighborhood linking residents to schools, businesses, and parks. We found graffiti, homeless people, and trash. By creating an awareness that began at SLNC, steps have been cleaned, promoted for art interventions, and LADWP began installing lighting promoting safety.

This proves that small ideas can make a difference and can come from anyone in our community. If elected, I want to continue to better Silver Lake by listening to residents and business owners. Over the last 2 years I have seen a lack of camaraderie while attending SLNC meetings.  I will work to help bring the NC back to basics: representing neighbors to make Silver Lake a better place to live.

Silver-Lake-NC-Region5 annexedcaroline pham

Caroline Pham – Region 5 Representative; Co-Chair Green Committee
I’ve lived in Silver Lake for over 20 years, with a stint in Los Feliz for a few years in the middle. Silver Lake has served me in the various phases of my life: single girlhood, professional womanhood, mother of one, then of two. As a member of the Neighborhood Council, I will strive to ensure that Silver Lake continues to serve its residents at all stations in life. As a former president of Hilltop Nursery School, an institution dedicated to socio-economic diversity, I’m passionate about those values and their relevance to our community today.
Betsy Isroelit – Board Secretary – Region 6 Representative, Outreach Co-Chair; Community Liaison

As a resident of Silver Lake for 20 years, I am represeting Region 6 to address our community’s concerns about issues that have negatively impacted us for the past several years. Out-of-control development and the poorly redesigned Rowena thoroughfare have led to congestion, cut-through traffic and safety issues. The future of the Silver Lake Reservoir, and its natural environment, is also at stake. And I want to be sure we all have the opportunity to give input on issues that impact us. I will work on these and other issues that affect our community.

Taryn Poole – Region 6 Representative

I became a homeowner here in Silver Lake in 1997, and saw there were neighborhood problems that needed solutions.
I worked on several, including going door-to-door with a petition to request traffic control on Angus Street. That effort resulted in the addition of two new stop signs. I’m running for Region 6 Representative to advocate for my neighbors, and help create positive change and practical solutions for our most pressing community needs.
I believe the best ideas come from listening to people who share your experience.


Stacey Boucher – Region 7 Representative, Co-Chair Silver Lake Reservoir Committee

I’ve worked and lived in Silver Lake for 12 years. As a former boutique owner in Sunset Junction and now as a Real Estate Broker, I’ve seen our community grow and evolve. As a parent of three young children, I want to help our neighborhood prepare for a positive future. I’ve assisted in the creation of ‘Taste Of The Eastside’ and other fundraising programs benefiting Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery School and serve on its board. As your Region 7 Representative I will work to help keep Silver Lake a safe and diverse place to live and help resolve issues important to our future.



Terrence Jackson – Region 7 Representative, Co-Chair Silver Lake Reservoir Committee, Co-Chair Budget & Finance Committee.

A Silver Lake resident for 47 years, I’ve been both a renter and a homeowner and involved in the community since the day I arrived. I’m no stranger to the politics of neighborhood activism and recognize that bringing people together and making our voices heard is as necessary as it is difficult. The stakeholders in our community will not always agree, but we are all in this together and must work our way through to achievable goals. From the master plan to the meadow, much has been accomplished and much remains to be done. Please consider me as your Region 7 rep.


2016/2017 Liaisons and Reps:

Aging Liaison:  Patty Jausoro
Film Liaison:  
Mark Duncan
Budget Advocate Representatives: Barbara Ringuette and Tony Michaelis
Alliance of River Communities Representative: Barbara Ringuette
Hyperion Bridge Representative: Rusty Millar
Sergeants-at-Arms: Jessica Salans
(1 seat open)
Public Works Liaison: Rusty Millar
Animal Services Liaison: Taryn Poole
Sustainability Alliance representatives: Bob Lisauskas
Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition: Patty Jausoro
Plan CheckNC LA Liaison: Barbara Ringuette
DWP MOU Oversight and Advocacy Committee Representative: Rusty Millar
Public Safety Liaison: Vacant



Patty Jausoro, At Large, 2016-January 2018
Seamus Garrity, Region 3, 2014-2016
Tracey Woolfolk, Region 4, 2016
Joshua Javier Gomez, Region 1, 2014 – 2016
James Bigelow, Region 4, 2014 – 2016
Christine Kantner, Region 5, 2014-2016,
Jeff Wayne, Region 5, 2015 – 2016
Ted Adams, Region 4, -2015
Dale Benson, Region 5, -2014
Amy Clarke, At-Large, -2015
Flor Cruz, Region 1, 2012-2014
Janet Cunningham, At-Large, -2014
Dorit Dowler-Guerrero, 2015
Lawrence Faljean, Region 6, -2014
Charles Herman-Wurmfeld – At-Large – 2015
Gale Jaffe, Region 4, -2014
Maidel Luevano, Region 3, 2012-2014
Clint Lukens, Region 1, -2014
Michael Masterson, Region 7, -2014
Rusty Millar, Region 4, 2004-2014
Renee Nahum, Region 7, -2014
Paul Michael Neuman, At-Large, -2014
Scott Plante, At-Large, 2012-2014
Barbara Ringuette, Region 2, -2014
Teresa Sitz, At-Large, -2015
Karen Speitel – 2014
Annie Sperling – 2015
Abigail Treanor, Region 6, 2012-2014
Nadine Trujillo, At-Large, -2014

Sarah Dale
Leonardo Chalupowicz
Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov – At-Large 2003-2012
Scott Crawford
Susan Hutchinson
Annemarie Ralph
Kim Jones- Region 6 & board secretary, 2005-2009
Adam Marvel

Claudia Vazquez – At-Large 2009-2011
Amanda Berman – Region 5 2009-2011
Crissi Avila – Region 3 2008-2010
Peter Choi – At Large 2003-2005
Glen Dake * – At Large 2005 – ?
Barbara Dakin – At Large 2003 – 2005
Laura Dwan * – At Large 2006 – 2010
Bea Gold – At Large 2006 – 2010
Martin Hittelman * – At Large 2003 – 2006
Lorraine Kells – At Large 2004 – 2006
Luis Lopez * – At Large 2005 – ?
Jason Lyon * – At Large 2003 – ?
Cherie Miller * – At Large 2005 – ?
Jane Renahan – At Large 2003 – 2005
Salvador Sanchez * – At Large 2003 – 2004
Marian Aguilar – Region 1 2003 – 2004
Judith Borstein – Region 1 2004 – 2006
Addie Daddio * – Region 1 2005 – ?
Michael Locke * – Region 1 2003 – 2005
Joshua St. Thomas – Region 1 2006-?
Rebecca Guzman-Franco – Region 2 2006 – ?
Roberto Haraldson * – Region 2 2003 – 2005
Jens Kohler – Region 2 2005 – Present
Jacqueline Rivera * – Region 2 2004 – 2006
Charles Wiggington * – Region 2 2003 – 2004
Robin Dakin – Region 3 2003 – 2005
Lewis Myers – Region 3 2003 – 2004
Jeff Hradec – Region 3 2004 – ?
Michael Lopez – Region 3 (appointed) 2006 – 2006
Kristopher Walin – Region 3 2006 – Present
Peter Choi – Region 4 2005 – 2006
Alvin W. Hopkins – Region 4 2004 – 2005
Sandra Ruiz – Region 4 2003 – 2004
Genelle Le Vin * – Region 5 2004 – 2006
Luis Lopez * – Region 5 2003 – 2005
Michael Menjivar – Region 5 2006 – 2009
Darren Morton – Region 5 2003 – 2004
Luther Wentzel * – Region 5 2005 – ?
Robert Brooks – Region 6 2003 – 2004
Bea Gold – Region 6 2004 – 2006
Patricia McGrath – Region 6 2006 – 2010
Jeremy Rothe-Kushel – Region 6 2005 -?
Garry Willis – Region 6 2003 – 2005
Loren Colin – Region 7 2006 – 2009
Douglas Dickstein * – Region 7 2005 – ?
Laura Dwan * – Region 7 2003 – 2005
Michaeljohn Horne – Region 7 2003 – 2004
Gena Nason * – Region 7 2004 – 2006