Neighborhood Business Committee

Chair:  Position Open

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On August 24th 2014 Board Members Karen Speitel and Heather Carson put forth a motion to create a new Standing Committee called the Neighborhood Business Committee and on Sept 3rd 2014 the Governing Board voted unanimously to approve it.

We are still in the planning stages to call our first meeting. Anyone who is interested is welcome to be part of organizing the inaugural meeting of this new committee! 

The purpose of the Committee would be to encourage more active participation by Businesses as Stakeholders and to aid in bringing the residents and business community together. This committee would serve the community so that stakeholders can meet with local business owners and employees to discuss issues pertinent to both of them and to help build a better sense of community.

Possible committee work could include, but not be limited to:

  • doing outreach to all businesses and gathering contact info to be able to notify them of issues pertaining to them
  • invite and encourage owners and employees to attend meetings and understand how to use the committee and the SLNC as a resource
  • send representatives from the committee to greet new businesses to explain what the Neighborhood Council is and encourage their participation
  • welcome new businesses by offering ribbon cutting ceremonies to celebrate their openings, as well as honoring significant anniversaries of long-standing business, to help them feel supported by their communities
  • contribute regularly to the SLNC Outreach Newsletter on any relevant issues pertaining to the committee
  • support of local businesses by hosting events such as “cash mobs” and in turn suggest ways that local businesses can support their community
  • Create a space for neighbors and businesses to bring forward any issues of concern and have a safe and supportive place to work out any differences, to better understand each other’s needs, and to come up with creative solutions
  • bring awareness to stakeholders of any new businesses or any new info about current businesses – change of owner, expansions, new hours, special opportunities, etc.
  • to encourage local business to create or sponsor community events
  • to partner with other committees to encourage the installation of bike valets; a percentage off for using alternative transportation; adopting more sustainable practices such as compostable take-out containers, etc., that benefit the whole community
  • work with local businesses on issues that come to them from other city agencies
  • rotate the committee’s meeting place to different local businesses throughout all 7 regions to raise awareness for both Stakeholders and Businesses