SLNC facilitates meeting on Whole Foods 365 issues

SLNC Region Seven Representative Terry Jackson recently contacted a group of concerned neighbors who have voiced concerns about the new 365 by Whole Foods at 2520 Glendale Blvd. Reported issues include deliveries and idling trucks after 10 p.m., noise from refrigeration units, Whole Foods employees parking on local streets, and general parking overflow.

On June 17, Council District 13 held a meeting with representatives of Whole Foods, LAPD, and shopping center management, but local neighbors were not invited.

Whole Foods and the center’s property management maintained they would comply with minimum requirements of the municipal code and that they were working to address some of the other issues that had been raised.

SLNC was contacted by the residents subsequent to receiving the meeting report and reconfirmed that problems were ongoing. The Neighborhood Council subsequently passed a motion on July 6 to write to CD 13, Whole Foods, CVS and center management requesting that the SLNC be kept informed of progress being made in resolving the issues.

It is the position of the SLNC that the shopping center, its tenants, and local residents are neighbors and stakeholders. Jackson said, “Good neighbors will listen to each to each other and go beyond the minimum required under the municipal code to ensure the quality of life in our neighborhood is maintained.”