Granny Flats Receive Tentative Approval from City Council


Photo: Larchmont Buzz

The L.A. Times recently reported that the LA City Council has given “tentative approval to hundreds of “granny flats” — second units tucked behind houses — that had been into legal limbo after a court ruling this year.” The vote potentially impacts Silver Lake residents who have submitted plans for units that were already approved by the City, or were in the pipeline for approval. This issue is being watched closed by the SLNC.  

The motion to stop the repeal was introduced by CD4 Council Person David Ryu, who, according to a CD4 newsletter, “…want(s) to prevent loopholes that allow for developers and real estate speculators to take advantage of our land use laws.” Ryu noted that the City will write new code to protect single-family neighborhoods while complying with state law, and a number of families caught in the limbo in this debate, and were in the middle of construction, will be grandfathered in to finish their projects.