Monsanto’s Roundup Weed Killer Banned in Reservoir Areas


On April 12, an observant community member noticed that City of Los Angeles employees were spraying Monsanto’s Roundup on weeds within the reservoir. (Glyphosate, an ingredient of the popular weed killer, has been identified as a cancer threat by the State of California.) She took the time to share her concerns with the SLNC and post on NextDoor. Thanks to her initiative, and follow up by concerned community members and the SLNC, by the next day Steve Dunlap, principal forester at the Forestry Division of Recreation and Parks, announced that Recreation and Parks vegetation management crews would no longer spray Roundup around the Silver Lake Reservoir, Dog Park and Recreation Center. Los Angeles City Council is looking at banning the use citywide and concerned individuals can contact their field reps at Council District 13 and Council District 4.