New Road Signs & Trash Cans to Make Silver Lake Safer & Cleaner

Thanks to community input and advocacy by Council District 4, the SLNC is pleased to announce that the intersection of Glendale Boulevard and Rowena Avenue will become safer– and that several Silver Lake streets will be cleaner.

According to CD4 Field Deputy Adam Miller, expanded signage and new street striping will alert motorists that they are approaching a “right turn only” lane when traveling west on Glendale Boulevard from Fletcher towards the Rowena/Glendale intersection.

“Now there will be more warning for drivers who want to make a right hand turn–and for those who do not. This will help them avoid last minute lane changes.” said Miller.

Miller also noted that new trash cans will be placed at 2574 Glendale; 2811, 2831 and 3094 Rowena; 2899, 2704, 2695 and 2507 Hyperion; 2025 West Silver Lake; and 2301 Fletcher, and trash will be picked up weekly by the Department of Sanitation.

“There are limited resources for new trash cans and we fought hard for these,” said Miller.

SLNC Co-chair Anne-Marie Johnson thanked CD4 for responding to the need for more signage and trash containers. ”As Silver Lake continues to grow and attracts more visitors, it is important that city services keep pace.”