CD 4 Councilmember David Ryu Chairs Health, Education and Neighborhood Councils Committee

Los Angeles City Councilmember David E. Ryu, who represents the 4th Council District, including parts of Silver Lake, has been named chairperson of the Los Angeles City Council Health, Education and Neighborhood Councils Committee. Neighborhood councils were recently added to the Health and Education Committee, which Councilmember Ryu chaired for the past two years. As chair of the committee, he is responsible for facilitating consideration of matters subject to its attention.

Councilmember Ryu is familiar with the work of neighborhood councils, having served on the Wilshire Center-Koreatown Neighborhood Council before being elected to the L.A. City Council in 2015. Neighborhood councils are the only elected bodies, besides the City Council, that represent communities in Los Angeles.The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council is the only elected body whose sole responsibility is to represent the concerns of Silver Lake stakeholders. Learn more about the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council here. For a list of all city council committees, chairs and meeting times visit the information page.