Resource list for “Words can Help or Hurt: Life as An American Muslim,” prepared by Silver Lake Library Branch Manager Lisa Palombi

A sampling of Books & DVDs available at Silver Lake Branch Library

DVD 297 L4965     Legacy of Peace

This filmed discussion of local Muslim and Christian religious scholars dispels the myths around Islam.

DVD 320.9496 L8975      Love is a Verb

This documentary follows a global movement of faithful Muslims teaching education and peace.

327 M678    Age of Anger: a history of the present.   Pankaj Mishra. (2017)

The author traces the historical roots of the politics of anger and hate.

297 M873    Islamophobia: religious intolerance against Muslims.  Alison Morretta.  (2017)

Discusses the roots of discrimination and violence against Muslim people in America.

297 A835-2    No god but God: the origins and evolution of Islam.  Reza Aslan. (2011)

Aslan examines the rituals and traditions of Islam.

956.9 S1243    My Hope for Peace.  Jihan Sadat. (2009)

Anwar Sadat’s widow reveals how her life as a Muslim woman sustains her quest for peace.

297 W7247    Islam: understanding the history, beliefs, and culture.  Julie Williams. (2008)

Straightforward treatment of the basics of Islam.

301.450954 P295   Acts of Faith: the story of an American Muslim…  Eboo Patel. (2007)

Author shares stories of growing up in America and being the “other”.

297 S244-1  What do Muslims believe? The roots and realities of modern Islam.  Ziauddin Sardar. (2007)

Discusses the basic customs and beliefs of Islam.

290 I195     The Faith Club: a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew; three women search for understanding. Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver, Priscilla Warner.  (2006)

The title says it all!

In the Children’s Section:

X 290 B936    A Faith Like Mine: a celebration of the world’s religions. Laura Buller.

X 290 O81    One World, Many Religions: the ways we worship.  Mary Pope Osborne.

X 297 W189    This is my Faith: Islam (Budi’s story).  Holly Wallace.

Additional Organizations & Speakers

University Religious Center at USC. Contact Varun Soni or Jim Burklo at 213-740-6110.

CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Greater L.A. Chapter  Referred by Rev. David Farley.


C.L.U.E.  Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice  Elizabeth Rhea, communications director