SLNC Votes to Support Two Environmental Measures


Photo by Jonathan Alcorn/Curbed LA

At its August Governing Board meeting, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council voted to issue a Community Impact Statement in support of Los Angeles City Council File #17-0447, which would institute a 2,500-foot setback separating oil and gas extraction operations from sensitive land uses such as homes, schools, and hospitals. There are over 1,000 active oil wells in the City of Los Angeles, and 80 percent of these wells are estimated to be located within 2,500 feet of a sensitive land use. The SLNC’s Green Committee introduced the motion. View a map of oil wells in Los Angeles County here.

In a separate motion introduced by SLNC Co-chair Scott Plante, the SLNC voted to support Assembly Bill 1000, which will safeguard groundwater in California’s Mojave Desert including the Mojave National Preserve. State Assemblymember Laura Friedman introduced AB 1000, the California Desert Protection Act.