Reservoir: Master Plan & Next Steps

As reported at the SLNC Reservoir Town Hall meeting held in May, LADWP will fund a new Silver Lake Reservoirs Complex Master Plan that will determine the future of the iconic reservoir area. The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering (BOE) will oversee the planning process, which is expected to take one to three years. BOE will also develop a scope of work to determine city staffing and consultant needs.

As elected representatives of the Silver Lake community, the SLNC will continue to be an active voice to insure that community meetings are held and all residents and stakeholders have the opportunity to express their opinions.

LADWP stated that the consultant would ultimately be responsible for organizing the meetings and related workshops.

Currently, LADWP is sealing the water supply pipeline that connects the reservoirs.

Once the pipeline connection is physically cut off from the L.A. water system, water will be pumped back from the Silver Lake Reservoir to the Ivanhoe Reservoir and the reservoirs will be equalized to an elevation of 448 feet.

The municipal utility is also working on upgrades to the power system at the Ripple Facility, which will be used to pump groundwater into the reservoirs. In addition, engineers are developing plans for an aeration and circulation system designed to maintain water quality.

LADWP expects to complete both projects by early spring 2018.