SLNC Appoints Melissa Samuels to Represent Region 4

At its November 1 meeting, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council voted to appoint Melissa Samuels, a writer and 25-year Silver Lake resident, to fill a recently vacated seat in SLNC Region 4.  During Samuel’s presentation to the Governing Board, she said she was inspired to run for the Region 4 seat when she had an issue in her neighborhood and attended a SLNC meeting.

“I reached out to my council district office and asked people for help and received advice and support – but not tangible action. I decided to attend a SLNC committee meeting to see if they could help,” said Samuels. “I expected nothing and got everything. It was such a relief not only to be heard but to be organized into real action.”

When a seat became available in Samuel’s region, she decided to run for the position.

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to give back to this community that I hold so dear,” she added.

Samuels was a pioneering member of the original alternative comedy scene, alongside Sarah Silverman and Jack Black and has written and developed television shows for Warner Brothers, Disney/ABC, and AOL.