Police Report Uptick in Vehicle Break-ins

LAPD Senior Lead Officer Victor Gutierrez recently noted that there has been an uptick in vehicle break-ins in the northern section of Silver Lake’s Rampart Division.  Over fourteen incidents were reported in the areas along Marathon Street and Maltman Avenue/Robinson Street, and although the crime wave in that area has since subsided, vehicle thefts are a growing problem in Silver Lake.  SLO Gutierrez said he was shocked at what he observed during a neighborhood patrol. “I would venture to say that at least 70 percent of all vehicles parked on the street had items clearly visible that could have been easily stolen, such as backpacks, portable radios, bags, phone charging cords, etc.”

Officer Gutierrez reminds residents and visitors that these types of crime are preventable. “Until we, as a community, understand we cannot leave items that our visible in our vehicles, we will continue to experience these crime trends.” To report a crime or suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call 877.275.5273, for non-emergencies, and 911 for emergencies.