SLNC Votes to Support Student Teen Court Program

The SLNC Governing Board has unanimously approved a Neighborhood Purpose Grant to support a Teen Court Program led by Parents, Teachers, Educators and Students in Action (PESA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing restorative justice to youthful offenders who commit low-level offenses. The SLNC Youth Committee presented the motion to fund the juvenile diversionary program, which tries the offender in a school setting and helps students develop understanding of the criminal justice system. High schools across Los Angeles County participate in Teen Courts and over 80 Superior Court judges volunteer their time.

Melissa Samuels, representative Region 4 and co-chair of the SLNC Youth Committee, said, “We brought the PESA program to the Governing Board because it is an excellent way to introduce restorative justice programs to our local high schools. The Committee is working with PESA to launch the program in Silver Lake.” To learn more about the Teen Court program from student participants, watch this video.