Liaisons to Key City Agencies Appointed

The SLNC has voted to appoint new board liaisons who facilitate working relationships and communications with key city agencies. Los Feliz Ledger columnist Stephanie Vendig and community activist Nina Sorkin were named liaisons to the Department of Aging; current liaison and Region 6 Representative Taryn Poole and Region 4 Representative Kate Hudson were appointed animal liaisons; Region 2 Representative and current Budget Advocate Barbara Ringuette and Tony Michaelis, current Budget Advocate and co-chair of the Transportation and Neighborhood Safety Committee, were reappointed to their positions; and At-large Representative and Co-chair of the Homelessness In Silver Lake Committee Darius Derakshan, Homelessness Co-chair Nithya V. Raman and Barbara Rinquette were elected to serve as liaisons to the Department of Homelessness.