Councilmember Ryu Asks DOT to Report on Feasibility and Costs of Proposed Rowena Mitigations

Council District 4 Councilmember David Ryu has submitted a motion instructing the Department of Transportation (DOT) to review and report back on the feasibility of the transportation and infrastructure strategies proposed in the Rowena Avenue, Waverly Drive, Angus Street Cut-Through Traffic Study(Council File #11-2130-S4). The motion asks DOT to report to the City Council, within 90 days after the motion is passed, on the potential mitigations, along with cost estimates for each of the improvements. The study, which was conducted by Kimley-Horn, was funded by CD4 in response to concerns raised about cut-through traffic on local streets near Rowena–particularly Waverly Drive and Angus Street–and the increased potential for safety hazards, including children walking to school, parents with strollers and joggers.

According to SLNC Co-chair Anne-Marie Johnson, once DOT completes its evaluation, community meetings will be held to give residents the opportunity to learn more and ask questions. You can follow the progress of the motion here and read the study at