SLNC Unanimously Approves Loyola Marymount Open Space Study

At the September 5 Governing Board meeting, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council unanimously approved the Silver Lake Reservoir Open Space Study questionnaire and methodology presented by the Loyola Marymount University Center for Urban Resilience (LMU).  The pilot study is funded by the SLNC and will provide up-to-date findings in preparation for the development of a new Reservoir Complex Master Plan. LMU researchers will conduct the survey at locations within Silver Lake, including areas surrounding the reservoirs, public spaces and an SLNC community meeting. Survey participants will be able to take the survey in English or Spanish, and an online link to the survey will be available. Board members recommended public locations where the survey could be administered and made suggestions concerning survey wording.

During September, the research team will be trained under the direction of Michele Romolini, Ph.D., LMU director of research.  According to Dr. Eric Strauss, executive director of the LMU Center for Urban Resilience, the Open Space Study is expected to begin in October and be completed by the end of November.