Silver Lake’s Chandelier Tree Goes Dark

Photo by Luis Sinco, Los Angeles Times
According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, the lights on Silver Lake’s chandelier tree have been turned off. The plug was pulled in a compromise with the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services, which had ordered the chandeliers removed. The Times reported that the tree, which is a popular tourist attraction, is rooted at the bottom of a slope on city property and located on a public right of way. In addition, several of the 34 chandeliers hang over the street and sidewalk and could fall onto cars, bicyclists or pedestrians. Adam Tenenbaum, who rents the home adjacent to the tree and operates an Airbnb rental on the property, created the tree display. He hopes to obtain a conditional encroachment permit to grant access on a public right of way. If granted, Tenebaum would purchase insurance to cover potential injuries caused by the chandeliers and agree to potential city restrictions, such as hours the tree is lit.