SLNC Homelessness Committee Leads Efforts for Safe Parking and Bridge Housing Programs

At its February 7 meeting, the SLNC Governing Board unanimously passed two motions submitted by the SLNC Homelessness Committee in support of enhanced services for un-housed members of the community. The first motion authorizes the Board to send a letter to city officials endorsing a Safe Parking Program for those who are experiencing homelessness. The second motion approves a letter to L.A. City Council, asking for a bridge housing facility in the area. According to Homelessness Committee Co-chair Nithya V. Raman, “Los Angeles is facing an unprecedented rise in housing costs, leaving many people vulnerable to losing their homes. Yet, it is illegal for residents to sleep in their car on most streets, and the closest walk-in winter shelter beds are on Skid Row.” Raman noted that at a time when many neighborhoods are fighting against homeless resources, the SLNC has been a consistent voice of support. “We hope that this neighborhood can continue to be a leader in helping our most vulnerable residents.“

Safe parking and bridge housing programs provide un-housed people with a safe place to sleep at night, along with access to bathrooms and case management services. In September, Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell proposed using the parking lot at the Edendale Library, on the corner of Sunset and Alvarado, for Safe Parking access. In addition, through Mayor Garcetti’s “A Bridge Home” program, the City of Los Angeles has proposed creating a shelter in every council district.

According to the Los Feliz Ledger, CD4 Councilmember David Ryu recently requested the L.A. City Council evaluate a city-owned property located at 3210 and 3248 Riverside Drive in Los Feliz—near the Mulholland Fountain and across the street from the Friendship Auditorium and Griffith Park Adult Community Club (GPACC)—for possible development as a bridge housing facility.