Urban Design Approves Motion to Form Parking Ad Hoc Committee

Liza Temple presents overview of parking policies and options in L.A.

At its March 13 meeting, the Urban Design and Preservation Committee (UDP) passed without objection a motion to organize a new ad hoc committee that would address parking issues in Silver Lake. Committee Member Liza Temple presented a provocative overview of options to reform parking policy in Los Angeles, noting that, “We don’t have a parking problem, we have a parking management problem.”  Temple pointed out that 200 square miles (14 percent of land) in L.A. County is dedicated to parking – 40 percent greater than the 140 square miles devoted to roadways  She also explained that the city’s oversupply of cheap parking subsidizes car transport over other transportation options. The SLNC Governing Board will review the motion on April 3. SLNC Co-chair Scott Plante and Joe Ferrell co-chair the UDP Committee.