LADWP Plan Two New Office Buildings at Silver Lake Reservoir and Hoover Street Yard

Design of proposed LADWP modular office at Silver Lake Reservoir.


There are two upcoming LADWP projects that should be on your radar. First up is a $150 million upgrade to the building currently owned by the LADWP that is located at 611 N Hoover Street. Read more about this at The Eastsider who posted this article last week.

The other project is a modular office building that will be placed at the Silver Lake Reservoir. Representatives from the LADWP were on hand at the June 5th Governing Board Meeting to present to the stakeholders in attendance. You can review that presentation, which also includes details on placements of aeration & recirculation systems, on the SLNC website here.

At its next meeting, which takes place this evening, June 17th at 6PM, the Reservoir Committee will consider forming an Ad Hoc Committee to address the LADWP Modular office building at the Silver Lake Reservoir. Please attend this meeting to share your thoughts and feedback. The meeting will be held in the Community Room at the Silver Lake Library.

If you cannot make the Reservoir Committee meeting, but still want to weigh in on any of the above, please email As always, community feedback is welcomed and highly valued.

Another slide showing the proposed LADWP modular office at the Silver Lake Reservoir. See the full presentation at the SLNC website.
Current view of Hoover Street building. LADWP is planning to spend $150 million to upgrade this building into a district office. Photo credit: Jesus Sanchez from The Eastsider.