SLNC Votes Unanimously to Form LGBTQIA Committee

SLNC celebrated Pride Month in a big way on June 5th by voting to form an LGBTQIA Committee. The motion was put forth by SL Councilmember Maebe A. Girl and here is what she had to say about the historic moment:

“Silver Lake is rich in LGBTQIA history and has been a gathering place and home for queer people for decades. The purpose of the Silver Lake LGBTQIA Advocates Committee is to ensure that Silver Lake remains a safe and welcoming neighborhood for LGBTQIA people, businesses, and events, and for the exchange of ideas relating to LGBTQIA matters as they pertain to Silver Lake stakeholders and Angelenos at large. The committee advocates for LGBTQIA people and exists to ensure that LGBTQIA people are fairly represented and considered for every community issue. Guest speakers from various LGBTQIA agencies and from the City are invited to attend committee meetings to educate committee members and attendees on available resources. Meetings are open to the public and to all LGBTQIA people and allies.”

The Committee will be holding their first meeting very soon, so please check the SLNC social media and website for date, time, and agenda.