Featured Photo Submissions

Photo by Bill Watanabe: ‘Silver Lake with the late afternoon sun peeking through gray clouds’

This week we have another Silver Lake mural shot by Howard Petersen. This is going to be a continuing series, so watch out for more of these. We will be featuring murals both past and present. We are excited to continue to chronicle the history of creativity in our community.

We also have a great late afternoon reservoir photo from Bill Watanabe, beautiful pictures of poppies caught by Gina Acuña at The Meadow back in June and two stunning wildlife submissions from Sandy Driscoll.

We are loving the diversity in submissions thus far, so please continue to send your snaps to secretary@silverlakenc.org and we will continue to feature them!

Photos by Gina Acuña. ‘June poppies at Silver Lake Meadow’

Photo by Sandy Driscoll. ‘Baby hummingbirds one day before they fledged’

Photo by Sandy Driscoll. ‘Monarch butterfly’

 “Flow” by Magdalena Rieders, April 2019, spray paint and acrylic on a 15’ x 40’ cinderblock wall. Address: 4206 Fountain Ave, near Myra, and across from Thomas Starr King Middle School. Photos by Howard Petersen.