A Report from Budget Day 2019

This past weekend, a few SLNC board members had the privilege of joining SLNC’s Budget Representatives, Barbara Ringuette and Tony Michaelis, and hundreds of other stakeholders at City Council Chambers for Budget Day 2019. Congratulations to Barbara and Tony who were both elected to the Executive Committee and are preparing for the budget retreat and to meet with Mayor Garcetti later this month.

As Jay Handal (on his final day as Budget Advocate Co-Chair before retiring) stated, they are the “Citizens Oversight Commission of the City of Los Angeles’s finances.” Our dedicated advocates serve as watchdogs to ensure the City is not only spending our money wisely but to also to identify missed opportunities for revenues.

The fiscal year 2019-2020 for the City of Los Angeles began on July 1. The City is entrusted with the responsibility of allocating taxpayer funds to address the needs of Los Angeles and our communities and the 99 Neighborhood Councils are part of the City government. The SLNC Board considers our role in allocating taxpayer funds to be a public trust and a distinct honor.  We voted to approve allocations of the $42,000 budget in June.

In the final months of the prior fiscal year, the current board helped provide funding to deserving local organizations and schools in the form of Neighborhood Purpose Grants, such as:

·     American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life”
·     A garden project at Mayberry Elementary
·     ToolKit Books in Spanish for Micheltorena Elementary
·     Little Libraries Projects for two new local library pods
·     Budget Advocates Budget Day

SLNC’s 2019-20 makes Neighborhood Purpose Grants and Community Improvement Projects a large priority. We believe investing in and supporting our local community, in small but impactful ways, is some of the most important work we can do. While our budget isn’t a tremendous sum of money, we are certain that when spent wisely, we can make a meaningful difference for people, schools and organizations within our community.

We thank you for entrusting us with your money. Like the Budget Advocates do for our City, we invite you to participate in how we allocate and spend SLNC’s resources. Together, we hope to make incremental progress in addressing Silver Lakes needs and improving the lives of our stakeholders.