SLNC Forms Three New Committees: Latinx, Housing & Homelessness, LADWP Modular Building

Our June 18th Special Meeting of the Governing Board saw the creation of three new important committees.

First up, the board voted to form a Latinx Committee to encourage stronger communication and participation with one of Silver Lake’s longest standing and most integral cultures. These Committee meetings will be held in Spanish (with English translation available) and will help the Governing Board transition to bi-lingual agendas, newsletters, and meeting minutes for all SLNC events moving forward. The formation of this Committee is long overdue when you consider how important the Latinx Community is to the fabric of the Silver Lake we all know and love. We look forward to supporting the work of this Committee and the Latinx community.

It comes as no surprise to anyone reading this that homelessness and affordable housing are in a state of crisis in Los Angeles and California as a whole. The two issues go hand in hand; solutions to homelessness are inextricable from solutions to affordable housing, and vice versa. That’s why the SLNC has created a new Housing & Homelessness Committee (exact name TBD) to ensure that the experts and volunteers working on both Committees can easily meet and tackle the intersection of the two issues. The SLNC remains committed to allocating as many resources as possible to ensure this Committee is successful. Their work is vital to the quality of life of all Silver Lake stakeholders. 

The third and final Committee created will work with the community to advocate against LADWP’s decision to build a modular office building at the Silver Lake Reservoir. This has been a topic of conversation for many since it was announced. We saw an increased response from you after we posted the LADWP presentation on our website and after the June 17th Reservoir Committee meeting. This new Committee will aim to raise awareness about LADWP’s plans, and organize community members who wish to advocate against the planned building. The first meeting of this Committee will be held on July 8th at 7PM, location TBD.

All three of these new Committees are expected to have very active and involved meetings, so as always we ask that you follow our social media accounts and read the newsletter for updates on the first meetings.