SLNC Reflections: Community Inclusion

This month has us thinking about inclusion. What does “inclusion” mean in the context of Silver Lake?

Is it supporting traditionally marginalized voices, particularly within the LGBTQIA community? Are we more inclusive if we create more pathways to involvement for the Latinx community, who makes up more than 30% of the Silver Lake population? Does inclusion mean encouraging young people, including teens, to get involved in government and showing them that democracy works for them as well? Thinking about “inclusion” might mean taking a hard look in the mirror and acknowledging that only 3,000 out of roughly 35,000 Silver Lakers receive this newsletter. Inclusion definitely means starting to think outside the box about how we can reach more people.

Yes, inclusion means all of the above to us, your Silver Lake Neighborhood Council board members.

In the approximately three months that the newly elected Silver Lake Neighborhood Council has been in office, we are proud of the newly created LGBTQIA and Latinx Representation committees. We are proud that we have allocated more of our budget to Neighborhood Purpose Grants and Community Improvement Projects. We want to empower our neighbors to take the betterment of their community into their own hands. We are excited to be considering new routes of inclusion as well and we will let you know of our efforts as they develop.

But there is still much more work to be done.

3,000 out of almost 35,000 people. That’s who receives this newsletter. That is not a good ratio. We need your help, oh great reader, to spread our reach so that we can have a greater positive impact on Silver Lake. Can you, oh lovely civically-minded Silver Laker, share this email with one friend who lives in Silver Lake who is not currently receiving the SLNC Newsletter and encourage them to subscribe? If each of you gets one friend to sign up, we’d have 6,000 people receiving our newsletter, and that would be great progress.

We’re asking for your help reaching your neighbors because we want to help our community, and we can only do that well by including more voices in the conversation. When we were running for office and going door-to-door to speak with community members, approximately four out of five people didn’t even know that they had a Neighborhood Council working on their behalf. That’s a sad reality, but with your help, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Will you help us by forwarding this email to a friend and encouraging them to click the “Subscribe” button below?