Tina Lin Appointed As Region 1 Governing Board Rep

At the July 10th Governing Board Meeting, Tina Lin was appointed to fill a vacant Region 1 seat. Tina joins Samantha Danner in representing this section of the community.

We caught up with Tina to learn a little bit more about her and her love for Silver Lake.

Congratulations on being appointed to Region 1! Tell the community a little bit about yourself.

I have been a homeowner and resident of Silver Lake for 7 years. I grew up in the very suburban city of Irvine, but quickly gave that up for the more eclectic and artistic urban life Los Angeles has to offer. Professionally, I do real estate finance for a non-profit in downtown LA and have experience with architecture, real estate, urban planning, community development and economic development financing. I live with my silver mini-schnauzer (@Roger.the.GOAT.dog) named for tennis great Roger Federer. In my spare time, I like woodworking, car-camping, traveling internationally and eating good food!

What’s an issue specific to Region 1 that you look forward to tackling? And how about one that affects the entire community?

I love our soon-to-be formerly-known-as “Happy Foot Sad Food” neighborhood and the retail areas along Sunset and Silver Lake Blvd. While change is inevitable, I believe a diversity of businesses, serving both residents and visitors, leads to a balanced and thriving neighborhood. I hate to see empty storefronts as landlords hold out for higher-paying tenants. Hopefully, we soon identify another landmark (civic/public or private) for this part of Silver Lake!

For Silver Lake generally, I think educating ourselves and our neighbors about important issues goes a long way in creating a sense of community. Whether it is disseminating facts and information about the plan for the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex, pedestrian and traffic safety programs, neighborhood gatherings or beautification ideas, I believe the neighborhood council plays a key role in getting the word out. I also want to increase voter registration and voting rates in Silver Lake for all elections!

Describe your perfect Silver Lake day. What do you do and where do you go?

Early in the morning, I walk my dog to Angelus Avenue where we climb 177 steps. After a yoga class at One Down Dog (previously I went to Urth Yoga), I might make a farmer’s market run. But for organic eggs, I will get a dozen from either one of two neighbors near my house who raise chickens in their backyards. I might host dinner in my yard or head to any number of casual asian eats that I’m so grateful for in the hood (Same Same Thai, Ramen Tatsunoya, Pho Cafe). I love sitting in my front yard, watching the sunset light the clouds on fire, but when it comes time to watching the full moon rise, I’m inside at my window because mosquitoes love me.