Did Your Rent Increase Dramatically? You May Be Eligible For The Emergency Renters Relief Program

The Housing and Community Investment Department is proud to present their Emergency Renters Relief Program. This program will assist renters facing extreme rent increases with a temporary subsidy, available through December 31st. The goal of this program is to avoid evictions for non-payment of rent and prevent displacement of renters and families.

Who is eligible to receive the rent subsidy?
Tenants who reside in the City of Los Angeles that live in rental properties that have a
Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety (LADBS)
before January 1, 2005, are eligible to receive a rent subsidy if they received one or more rent
increase notices totaling more than 8% since March 15, 2019, and have income at or below 80%
of Area Median Income (AMI). To find out if your unit was built before January 1, 2005, click here.

How do I know if my income is below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI)?
If the household income is at or below the dollar amount for the household size listed in the chart
below, the household income is below 80% of the AMI.

For more information on this program and your eligibility, please read the whole FAQ at the below link. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact our Housing & Tenants’ Rights Committee at HTR@silverlakenc.org.

City of Los Angeles Emergency Renters Relief Program FAQ