California Primary Voting Happening Now Through March 3rd

Photo Credit: Meghan Lee/The Occidental

Voting for the California Primary is currently open and you can submit your ballots at any point from now until the close of polls this coming Tuesday, March 3rd.

If you vote by mail, make sure your ballot is postmarked by March 3rd. You can also drop your ballot off at any of the voting centers in L.A. County.

For those who prefer to vote in person, you no longer have a designated polling place. Instead, you are able to show up at any voting center in L.A. County and fill out your ballot. Please visit this link to find the voting centers that are nearest to you. Please note the details of each voting center; many are currently open and accepting ballots while some of them open on February 29th.

Helpful links:

Find Your Nearest Voting Center (Enter your address and find the nearest place to vote)

LAist’s Voting FAQ (More info for voting by mail, voting in person, common questions etc.)

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