New Region 7 Board Member: Cameron Bard

C. Bard Headshot

As the new Region 7 representative on the SLNC Governing Board, Cameron joins Sarah Ullman as a co-chair of the Silver Lake Reservoir Committee. You can reach both of them at

Cameron Bard is a proud father, husband, resident, and representative of Silver Lake’s Region 7. In addition to joining the SLNC Governing Board in August 2020, Cameron has served as a co-chair of the Transportation & Public Safety Committee. In this role he has partnered with local constituents to promote and improve safe streets throughout Silver Lake, including the implementation of turn restrictions, repaving of crumbling infrastructure, and supporting transparent surveys to collect community feedback. You can reach Cameron at

Cameron has spent his entire career advancing clean energy and addressing the climate crisis, working for nation-leading solar development and investment firms and helping to build strong communities. Before joining the solar industry, Cameron served in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration as chief of staff to the state’s energy czar. Cameron is an adjunct faculty instructor at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs and frequently guest lectures at colleges and universities across the country