Governing Board

Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at Ivanhoe Elementary School, 2828 Herkimer St., Los Angeles, CA 90039
Please check the calendar for meeting dates.
(NOTE:  In conformity with the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 (MARCH 17, 2020) and due to concerns over COVID-19, until further notice, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board and Committee meetings will be conducted entirely telephonically.)

The 21-member Governing Board supervises and authorizes the activities of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and its committees. There are two board members for each of the seven regions of the SLNC, and seven members At Large, elected to represent all of Silver Lake. Any stakeholder 18 years of age or older is eligible to run for a seat on the Governing Board.

Co-chairs:    Xanthe Scheps | Anthony Crump
Vice Chair:   Dulce Stein
Treasurer:   Maebe A. Girl
Secretary:   Albert Andrade




Albert Andrade – At-Large Representative; Board Secretary; Ad Hoc Committee on Police Reform Co-Chair

My name is Albert and I have served the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council as Asst. Secretary and Election Committee Co-Chair. I’m also a native Los Angeleno, 2nd-gen immigrant, and renter running because I love Silver Lake and I want to help our neighborhood emerge from this pandemic stronger and more equitable for all. Through the Transportation & Safety Committee, I wrote a letter to City Council & Mayor Eric Garcetti urging them to return to relaxed parking enforcement because no one should be forced to decide between a parking ticket or their own health. It is crucial we advance accessible COVID vaccine sites in our community so that will be a priority of mine. As a survivor of a college shooting, I know first-hand how crucial it is to reimagine public safety for all. I also aim to expand Spanish-language accessibility so everyone can have a voice in our community. 


Maebe A. Girl – At-Large Representative; Board Treasurer; Budget & Finance Committee Co-Chair

I’ve been a proud resident of diverse Silver Lake since 2013, living in Region 5, and I’m involved with the Lyric-Hyperion Cafe and Theatre, where I host and produce a weekly, all-ages drag show. I want Silver Lake to remain a safe and welcoming place for people of all backgrounds. LGBTQIA and Homelessness issues are my passion, and I encourage everyone to get involved.


Seth Gottesdiener

Seth Gottesdiener – At-Large Representative; Budget & Finance Committee Co-Chair

My name is Seth Gottesdiener and I am a small business owner, queer advocate, commuter cyclist and community organizer. As a governing board member I vow to lift up BIPOC voices and promote inclusivity, reimagine public safety, restructure the use of our streets and public transportation, promote local business and find a permanent solution to our houseless neighbor crisis.


Arden Grier

Arden Grier – At-Large Representative

As a transplant from Toronto, Canada, I am thrilled to bring socialist practices to the Neighborhood Council in Silver Lake. There is nothing more important to me than engaging folx whose voices have been silenced for too long. As a newly appointed member of the SLNC, I am looking forward to helping bridge the gap between the people protesting in this city, and the people writing policy in this city. I strongly support defunding the police and abolishing ICE, and I am eager to do my part in Silver Lake to build a new system of safety that works for all of our residents. I am eager to continue learning about the concerns and needs of stakeholders, and I’m so excited to be part of the team of people working to build a better Silver Lake!


Jiyoung Carolyn Park

Jiyoung Park – At-Large Representative

Carolyn “Jiyoung”  Park is a second-generation Korean American who was born and raised in Los Angeles. She grew up on Los Feliz and graduated from John Marshall High School. As a resident of Silver Lake for over 16 years, she is committed to making the neighborhood a better place for all who live here.

 Jiyoung is an attorney focusing on sustainable economies, labor, and civil rights, as well as a lifelong activist. She works toward fundamental transformation of our governmental, economic, and social systems in order to serve ALL people, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, or wealth.


Dulce Stein – At-Large Representative; Board Vice-Chair; Arts & Culture Committee Co-Chair

Dulce Stein was born in Mexico City to an artist mother and an engineer father. The family moved to Ensenada prior to emigrating to the United States. At the age of 20, as a young mother, she settled in Hawthorne, California. Dulce became very active in education, civic activities and the local Catholic church where her mother was appointed painter of saints and virgins. Dulce has lived in the city of Hawthorne for 26 years where she earned her degree as a medical assistant and a professional family mediator for at risk youth and families. She has served on the boards of the Friends of the Hawthorne Libraries and The Hawthorne Woman’s Club. As an educator, Dulce received a state award for her work with English learners in her program “Art@thepark” where she offered art classes through the summer months for English learners to help them retain and strengthen their English language vocabulary. Dulce is very passionate about English as a second language as she was self-taught to speak, read and to write as a young immigrant mother. As a mediator, Dulce served as one of two bilingual mediators trained by the honorable Kenneth Cloke for the Centinela Valley High School district serving over 300 families in the two years she served as a mediator.
Today, she works diligently as an art curator. Dulce curated her first exhibition under the supervision and instruction of Mat Gleason in April of 2015. Since 2015 Dulce and her team have curated over 100 exhibits, involving over 1,500 artists and nearly 3,000+ pieces of artwork. Some of her curatorial projects have included venues such as Red Pipe gallery in Chinatown, Coagula Curatorial, KGB gallery, Phantom galleries, The Verdugo Adobe museum, Tag gallery, Jill Joy gallery, Eklectomania, and more.
Currently Dulce is chief curator at the Neutra Institute Museum gallery in Silver Lake, where since 2015 she has been curating 17 shows a year. In 2017 Dulce was invited to the board of the Latino Art Museum in Pomona as a curator and membership strategist. To further enhance her education about Latino heritage and culture, she is currently under the instruction of honorable professor David Hayes- Bautista director of Latino studies in UCLA. In 2018 Dulce was appointed Curator for the Chicano Resource Center at The East L.A County Library.
Additional community activism includes leading a group of volunteers at the Boyle Heights Farmers’ Market with the “Artgarden Table” where children can create artwork at no expense under the instruction of volunteer artists. Dulce is very passionate and grateful about her contributions in the art world and extremely proud of her immigrant background which is demonstrated in the work she does in her community and beyond. Dulce also is currently the Co-chair of the Silver Lake Arts & Culture Committee where she will serve for a two year term.



Imran Syed – At-Large Representative; Homelessness in Silver Lake Committee Co-Chair

Imran Syed has lived in Silver Lake for over 3 years. Actively participating in his local community is a priority for him. He is constantly trying to learn  of new ways that he can contribute to the well being of his neighborhood. Imran personally feels open dialogue and community events are a great tool for healing, and bringing people together.


Kristen Egermeier-cropped

Kristen Egermeier – Region 1 Representative;  Green Committee Co-Chair

A Los Angeles native, Kristen is a professional actress, voice over artist, writer, Interact Theatre Company’s Board Secretary/ company member, and a business consultant.  After living on the East Coast for eight years, she moved back to LA where she has lived in Silver Lake for the past six years with her partner and two rescue dogs.

Her love and respect for the natural world drives her pursuit of conservation, food justice, love of neighborhood- and EVERYONE in it. When she’s not writing films and plays, you’ll often hear or see her work on radio, TV, and film. You can also find Kristen volunteering with local organizations, like Food Forward. She believes digging in the dirt is good for you, being a support to marginalized communities is vital, and listening with both ears is the most important skill a person can have.


sydney whitehead

Sydney Whitehead – Region 1 Representative

Hello my name is Sydney I have been a Sliver Lake resident for the last 9 years. I recently completed a program in horticulture and am excited to share my green thumbs and safe gardening practices with the community. Beyond loving plants I enjoy supporting our local businesses and am passionate about assisting our unhoused neighbors. 2020 brought some lovely ways to stay connected and Silver Lake really showed up. We cheered from windows and balconies at 8pm and danced in the streets when Biden won the election. We added the names of police violence victims to the reservoir in solidarity with the BLM movement and we showed up in droves when the homeless needed water and cooling packs to get through the summer’s oppressive heat. Our community is not only cool we are passionate and generous. I hope that we can continue to build on this enthusiasm for progressive thinking and social responsibility.


SLNC Headshot (square)

Nicole Antoine – Region 2 Representative

I am a decade long Silverlake resident that strives for a cleaner, greener and safer Silverlake. I’m passionate about Silverlake improving its quality of life through social impact, transforming environments, business and local outreach, and multifaceted cultural engagement (both local and worldly). As an avid cyclist, I would like to see Silverlake become more bike friendly. I have volunteered with FOLAR (Friends of the Los Angeles RIver) and have advocated for the neighbors at City Hall and at a Zoning Administrators hearing, as a collective voice. Some of you may remember me coming to your door to speak about your wishes and desires for our neighborhood! My sincere and heartfelt interest in our neighborhood has inspired me to represent our little pocket and its best interest, for all people and wildlife.


kevin r photo SLNC

Kevin Rutkowski – Region 2 Representative

A Los Angeles native, Kevin Rutkowski is a strategic consultant in the culture change strategies sector helping philanthropic brands grow and creating mass movements that affect positive social change. Kevin holds a joint B.A. from the University of Southern California. Kevin is an avid cyclist, a singer-songwriter, and President of the Downtown Women’s Center Leadership Council..



Seth Copenhaver – Region 3 Representative; Ad Hoc Committee on Police Reform Co-Chair; Outreach Committee Co-Chair

I have been a resident of Silver Lake Region 3 for over 10 years. I initially decided to get involved with the Neighborhood Council to meet and interact more with my neighbors, so it was great fortune that I quickly found myself connecting with countless members of the community that already feel like old friends.

I have a firm belief that all Silver Lake issues are important and deserve their due attention, so I love that I am afforded the opportunity to engage with every SLNC Committee as well as an abundance of stakeholders in my position as Co-Chair of the Outreach Committee.


Anthony Crump

Anthony Crump – Region 3 Representative, Governing Board Co-Chair; Executive Committee Co-Chair

A resident of Silver Lake for more than 10 years, Anthony is a parent of Micheltorena Elementary School student, past president of Hilltop Nursery School, experienced facilitator and equity/social justice advocate.  He represented Region 3 on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council for five-plus years before taking time off. He also served as Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Co-chair and Treasurer. Professionally, Anthony serves as the Interim Deputy Executive Officer for Community Relations at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority.   He has worked for more than 20 years in community relations, bridging the gap between residents and local government.


courtney casgraux

Courtney Casgraux – Region 4 Representative

Now, more than ever, we need to bring communities and businesses together to lead the revitalization of Silver Lake. Rooted in both the community and businesses of Silver Lake I’am a passionate advocate for its interests. As a business owner within Region 4 for over six years I’ve launched and grown my business while supported individuals and communities within. Moreover, I’ve personally invested in the growth of Silver Lake’s local businesses and have helped over 14 women start their own businesses within LA County. Throughout my professional and personal life as an entrepreneur, I’ve been dedicated to community building, promoting local and independent business owners and job creation. My vision for Region 4 is to support job growth, protect the unique cultures of native Angeleno business and to protect Silver Lake’s commercial interests by safeguarding current and future business owners while advocating for policies and practice that allow local business to thrive.



Andy Tagliasacchi (they/them) – Region 4 Representative

I am trans nonbinary and honored to hold a seat on the board on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community. I will use my time on the board to uplift the Trans, Nonbinary, Gender Nonconfirming, Intersex and Gender Expansive voices of Silver Lake and to make the SLNC an actively inclusive/ safe place for our gender expansive community.


Chris Bourne

Chris Bourne – Region 5 Representative; Transportation & Safety Committee Co-Chair

As a former teacher, I learned that the health of a community can be seen in the success of its students. I have lived in Region 5 for a decade, I love it here, and I want an inclusive, equitable, and healthy future for my young daughter. I believe that begins by ensuring our community supports our kids. Before they even get to school, students need stable housing, food, and a safe way to get there. The pandemic, exploding housing costs, and over-policing are all obstacles to student success and have had a disproportionate impact on renters and people of color. I am running for our Neighborhood Council because I want to help students, parents, and teachers to shape our agenda. I will work to make sure all schools that serve our students have a voice and support diverting funds from unjust police budgets into services that set a foundation for student success in school. I plan to start a Youth and Education Committee as a forum for school communities to tell us what they need.

Xanthe Scheps – Region 5 Representative; Board Co-Chair; Executive Committee Co-Chair; Outreach Committee Co-Chair

As a tenant, nanny, community organizer, and lifelong Angeleno, I am humbled and honored to serve my corner of the the city on Silver Lake Neighborhood Council to help make this neighborhood the most equitable, inclusive, compassionate, engaging, supportive, and responsive it can be. I intend to fight for our unhoused neighbors’ rights, for tenant protections, for equitable access to public services, for the rights of workers including gig and domestic workers, and for a green neighborhood that supports the health and well-being of all who live in it. 


eric Brightwell

Eric Brightwell – Region 6 Representative

I have lived in Silver Lake for 22 years. I have explored, written about, and made maps of Los Angeles communities for fourteen years and have been car-free for ten. My passions include but are not limited to art, culture, environmentalism, history, housing, and mobility. My goal, if elected, would be to preserve and improve affordability, sustainability, transit, and livability in Silver Lake. He vivido en Silver Lake durante 22 años. He explorado, escrito y elaborado mapas de las comunidades de Los Ángeles durante catorce años y he estado libre de automóviles durante diez. Mis pasiones incluyen pero no se limitan al arte, la cultura, el ambientalismo, la historia, la vivienda y la movilidad. Mi objetivo, si fuera elegido, sería preservar y mejorar la asequibilidad, la sostenibilidad, el tránsito y la habitabilidad en Silver Lake.


david shafer

David Shafer – Region 6 Representative

I am a native Los Angeleno and a 12-year resident of District 6, Silver Lake. I really love this community; yeah, there are things that can be questioned, but overall there’s a great spirit and foundation to work from. As a historian (chair of the History department at CSULB), I really appreciate Silver Lake’s contributions to Los Angeles, its creative impulses, and its rich cultural diversity. While the NC is a largely advisory board, it is the platform for expressing community desires and encouraging local initiatives. I hope to be part of the NC that recaptures and taps into the energy, vibrancy, and creativity of our community as we (hopefully) soon navigate through the post-Covid future.


Ethan McQuerry

Ethan McQuerry – Region 7 Representative

I hope to do my part by looking out for the interest of all of my neighbors in Silver Lake.


daniel weidlein SLNC

Daniel Weidlein – Region 7 Representative; Silver Lake Reservoir Committee Co-Chair

Daniel Weidlein has lived in Los Angeles for well over a decade—residing for the past 3 years in the heart of Silver Lake’s region 7 (and before that lived for four years just over the border in Echo Park). Daniel is a music maker both as a profession and a passion, and especially cherishes the collaborative and communal aspect of writing and producing music in Los Angeles. This love of group effort and a desire for a better, more inclusive, and more sustainable Los Angeles is what led Daniel to want to serve the neighborhood council. While Daniel certainly has his own strong opinions, he is aware that his role on the governing board is to represent the whole of region 7, as well as Silver Lake at large, and hopes to do so fairly while also bringing more constituents to the table in the process.

Current SLNC Liaisons and Representatives

Aging Liaison: Nina Sorkin and Stephanie Vendig
Film Liaison: Paul Emmons and Mark Duncan
Budget Advocate Representatives: Barbara Ringuette and Seth Copenhaver
Alliance of River Communities (ARC) Representative: Barbara Ringuette
Hyperion Bridge Representative: Nina Sorkin
Sergeants-at-Arms: (None at this time)
Animal Services Liaison: Taryn Poole
Sustainability Alliance representatives: Sarah Ullman
Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition: TBD
Plan Check NC LA Liaison: Barbara Ringuette and Ianthe Zevos
DWP MOU Oversight and Advocacy Committee Representative: Sarah Ullman
Public Safety: Paul Emmons
Homelessness: Samantha Danner and Maebe A. Girl
Miry’s List: Tina Lin and Maebe A Girl
Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA): Seth Copenhaver and Maebe A. Girl
LGBTQIA+ Alliance: Maebe A. Girl