Governing Board

Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at Ivanhoe Elementary School, 2828 Herkimer St., Los Angeles, CA 90039
Please check the calendar for meeting dates.
(NOTE:  In conformity with the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 (MARCH 17, 2020) and due to concerns over COVID-19, until further notice, the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Governing Board and Committee meetings will be conducted entirely telephonically.)

The 21-member Governing Board supervises and authorizes the activities of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council and its committees. There are two board members for each of the seven regions of the SLNC, and seven members At Large, elected to represent all of Silver Lake. Any stakeholder 18 years of age or older is eligible to run for a seat on the Governing Board.

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Co-chairs:     Anthony Crump |  Nicholas Fox Robbins
Vice Chair:   Nora Goudsmit
Treasurer:    Maebe A. Girl
Secretary:     Tina Lin


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Current SLNC Liaisons and Representatives

Aging Liaison: Nina Sorkin and Stephanie Vendig
Film Liaison: Paul Emmons and Mark Duncan
Budget Advocate Representatives: Barbara Ringuette and Seth Copenhaver
Alliance of River Communities (ARC) Representative: Barbara Ringuette
Hyperion Bridge Representative: Nina Sorkin
Sergeants-at-Arms: (None at this time)
Animal Services Liaison: Taryn Poole
Sustainability Alliance representatives: Sarah Ullman
Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition: TBD
Plan Check NC LA Liaison: Barbara Ringuette and Ianthe Zevos
DWP MOU Oversight and Advocacy Committee Representative: Sarah Ullman
Public Safety: Paul Emmons
Homelessness: Samantha Danner and Maebe A. Girl
Miry’s List: Tina Lin and Maebe A Girl
Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA): Seth Copenhaver and Maebe A. Girl
LGBTQIA+ Alliance: Maebe A. Girl



Mark Duncan – At-Large Representative

After UCLA, I moved east and fell in love with the creative energy and artistic community. I have lived in Silver Lake and Los Feliz ever since – nearly 15 years. My family and I purchased a home in Silver Lake and have put down our roots. I want to help make our neighborhood an even better place to live! I currently serve on the SLNC Urban Design and Preservation Committee, the Friends of Silver Lake Library Board, and am involved in many local community groups.

I will push for the city to clean up/maintain Sunset Blvd and our other public spaces, for responsible access to the reservoir without disrupting our neighborhood, and promote more community events that bring Silver Lakers together.  We need a strong voice to be heard at City Hall, and I am committed to making sure the city listens to the needs of our community.



Paul Emmons – At-Large Representative

I am a native of Los Angeles. I have lived in Silver Lake for more than three decades and I currently reside on Lake View Av., adjacent to the historic Red Car Line and Silver Lake Avenue stairs. I have been a member of IATSE Local 80 for 23 years and was the first member of my craft to be elected to the Local’s Executive Board. I am currently serving my fourth term as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Pasadena Fire Department EMS Reserves. In 2014, I worked on the campaign for Jimmy Gomez to California’s AD51, which includes Silver Lake. I have been the incident commander for First Aid Services to the Pasadena Tournament of Roses since 2001. In 2008, I was awarded the Clara Barton Award for volunteer leadership by the American Red Cross. I currently serve as co-chair of SLNC Transportation and Public Safety Committee. I have a long history of community participation and connection to Silver Lake. I strongly believe in equality of opportunity for everyone and in the diversity that makes our community unique. It is this very diversity that brings differing points of view to the issues that challenge our decisions and it is important that we are able to discuss these issues with respect and civility.


Nicholas Fox Robbins – At-Large Representative, Governing Board Co-Chair

Nicholas Fox Robbins (At-Large) is a native Angeleno and a resident of Silver Lake for ten years. He cares deeply about the wellbeing of the city of Los Angeles and its people. He was involved with Unite Here! Local 11 for five years as a shop steward because he understands the power of collective action, personally knows the struggles of the service-industry class, and is dedicated to helping marginalized community members, particularly people of color who feel underrepresented. As a renter who would not be in Silver Lake if it weren’t for rent control and who has seen his creative, LGTBQ, and Latinx neighbors pushed out because of rising rent costs, he understands the importance of renter’s rights and keeping Silver Lake accessible to all, and not just the wealthy. While these are important issues to him, equally important to him is a functional representative democracy and he is honored to represent all of Silver Lake and will do so with dedication, civility, passion, empathy, and integrity.


Lorraine Getz
Lorraine Getz – At-Large Representative

I love Silver Lake and am an involved stakeholder in our community. I have a child who attends Ivanhoe Elementary school and own a home in the neighborhood. I care about our city and know that what makes Los Angeles great are diverse and inclusive neighborhoods like Silver Lake.  I graduated from USC with a B.A. in communications, and my work as a local real estate agent keeps me keenly aware of what is happening locally in our city. My work also gives me an opportunity to share what I love about this special place with others.

As a parent, I’ve donated much of my time for local schools, including serving on the board of the Los Angeles Family School preschool. Currently, I chair the annual auction fundraiser for Friends of Ivanhoe, which raises 50K for our neighborhood public school. These experiences have led me to understand the importance of communication between neighbors, businesses, and organizations large and small. Together, we can do so much to make Silver Lake an even better place to live and work. I bring new ideas, energy, and great enthusiasm. As a daughter of a business entrepreneur my entire life and now in business for myself, I particularly look forward to working with and helping showcase our unique local independent businesses.

Nora Goudsmit – At-Large Representative, Governing Board Vice-Chair 

Nora Goudsmit is the current Vice Chair of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council.  She ran for an At-Large position on the Council with 5 Top Community Priorities: (1) Safe streets for all community members, (2) A reservoir plan that includes community members at-large, (3) Connecting community members, (4) Improving green space, and (5) Partnering with community organizations for our youth. Nora Goudsmit is looking forward to her time on the SLNC to serve her community.


ElaineRoark 1
Elaine Harris Roark – At-Large Representative

Elaine is an enthusiastic Silver Lake resident, environmental attorney, and is trained as a landscape architect.  She is focused on preserving the neighborhood’s unique identity while embracing its sustainable and dynamic future. Her personal and professional experiences give her a discerning lens and balanced approach to addressing some of the neighborhood’s forefront issues including growth, economics, climate change and evolving aesthetics. Inspired by the events of 2016, Elaine sought to become more involved in the community and joined the board of Silver Lake Forward to volunteer her expertise in a space she uses daily, the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex. As a newly-elected member of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, Elaine looks forward to working with stakeholders to create a better community for all current and future residents.


Dulce Stein – At-Large Representative

Dulce Stein was born in Mexico City to an artist mother and an engineer father. The family moved to Ensenada prior to emigrating to the United States. At the age of 20, as a young mother, she settled in Hawthorne, California. Dulce became very active in education, civic activities and the local Catholic church where her mother was appointed painter of saints and virgins. Dulce has lived in the city of Hawthorne for 26 years where she earned her degree as a medical assistant and a professional family mediator for at risk youth and families. She has served on the boards of the Friends of the Hawthorne Libraries and The Hawthorne Woman’s Club. As an educator, Dulce received a state award for her work with English learners in her program “Art@thepark” where she offered art classes through the summer months for English learners to help them retain and strengthen their English language vocabulary. Dulce is very passionate about English as a second language as she was self-taught to speak, read and to write as a young immigrant mother. As a mediator, Dulce served as one of two bilingual mediators trained by the honorable Kenneth Cloke for the Centinela Valley High School district serving over 300 families in the two years she served as a mediator.
Today, she works diligently as an art curator. Dulce curated her first exhibition under the supervision and instruction of Mat Gleason in April of 2015. Since 2015 Dulce and her team have curated over 100 exhibits, involving over 1,500 artists and nearly 3,000+ pieces of artwork. Some of her curatorial projects have included venues such as Red Pipe gallery in Chinatown, Coagula Curatorial, KGB gallery, Phantom galleries, The Verdugo Adobe museum, Tag gallery, Jill Joy gallery, Eklectomania, and more.
Currently Dulce is chief curator at the Neutra Institute Museum gallery in Silver Lake, where since 2015 she has been curating 17 shows a year. In 2017 Dulce was invited to the board of the Latino Art Museum in Pomona as a curator and membership strategist. To further enhance her education about Latino heritage and culture, she is currently under the instruction of honorable professor David Hayes- Bautista director of Latino studies in UCLA. In 2018 Dulce was appointed Curator for the Chicano Resource Center at The East L.A County Library.
Additional community activism includes leading a group of volunteers at the Boyle Heights Farmers’ Market with the “Artgarden Table” where children can create artwork at no expense under the instruction of volunteer artists. Dulce is very passionate and grateful about her contributions in the art world and extremely proud of her immigrant background which is demonstrated in the work she does in her community and beyond. Dulce also is currently the Co-chair of the Silver Lake Arts & Culture Committee where she will serve for a two year term.


Samantha Danner
Samantha Danner – Region 1 Representative

After recently moving from East Hollywood to Silver Lake, I am thrilled to be able to continue my neighborhood council service in my new community. I am currently a postdoctoral scholar researching speech and communicative interaction in the Linguistics department at USC, the same department from which I earned my PhD in Linguistics in 2017. My background is in research and quantitative analysis, and I plan to bring my skills to my work as a Region 1 representative for the SLNC by thoughtfully considering the issues brought before the SLNC, by carefully listening to the voices and needs of SLNC stakeholders, and by helping make sound, equitable decisions on behalf of our community.
I have a longstanding interest in improving public policy around the very visible and related issues of homelessness and housing affordability in Los Angeles, having been a member of community homeless advocacy and outreach groups like Hollywood 4Wrd and SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition, and founding and chairing the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council’s Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness. As a renter, I have seen how the rights of tenants are often overlooked, and I want to help minimize tenant harassment and baseless evictions. I am excited to continue my involvement in the SLNC’s Homelessness and Housing and Tenants’ Rights committees as a board member and as a Homelessness Liaison. I am looking forward to serving the Silver Lake community with dignity and respect.


Tina Photo
Tina Lin – Region 1 Representative, Governing Board Secretary

Tina Lin is a Southern California native who is a homeowner and has lived in Silver Lake for the last 7 years. With a background in real estate, finance, and non-profit organizations, she hopes to connect individual neighbors, non-profits and other community organizations and commercial businesses to each other. She is sensitive to issues of gentrification and was formerly a board member of Public Counsel (nation’s largest probono law firm) and Asian Pacific Women’s Center (domestic violence shelter).
“I want to get the word out about important quality-of-life issues in our community like the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex and retail and housing development concerns, but I also want to encourage fun neighborhood gatherings and beautification ideas that will positively reflect on the work of the neighborhood council and give Silver Lake a strong sense of place.”



Barbara Ringuette – Region 2 Representative

Silver Lake is a great community. I began serving as Region 2 Representative in 2012 to help preserve what is special about our neighborhoods and tackle quality of life concerns. For the last two decades I’ve seen how crucial it is to work together on neighborhood and city-wide issues of homelessness, developments that don’t fit our neighborhoods, traffic congestion, and safety. I want to hear our community’s concerns and advocate for our neighbors.
I serve on the Urban Design Committee, as Neighborhood Council Budget Representative, and was co-chair of the SLNC Transportation & Public Works Committee for 4 years. Also, I serve on the Silver Lake Improvement Association Board.  My focus is on land use matters, preserving affordable housing, and homelessness. As an elected Neighborhood Council Budget Advocate and committee co-chair, I’ve represented neighborhood concerns and made recommendations to multiple City Departments, Councilmembers, the Mayor and Senator de León’s office.



Ben Cassorla – Region 2 Representative

Ben Cassorla is very proud to represent Region 2. He’s been a small business owner there for 5 years, and a resident for the last 6 months. He’s a daily neighborhood walker with his daughter on the way to Hilltop Nursery School, a frequent Mariela’s and Maury’s patron, and someone who’s sad to see the Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign stop spinning.

He advocates for affordable and supportive housing around the city as a lead organizer with LA Forward, and wants to activate as many Silver Lake residents as possible to take part in local government.



Seth Copenhaver – Region 3 Representative

I have been a resident of Silver Lake Region 3 for over 10 years. I initially decided to get involved with the Neighborhood Council to meet and interact more with my neighbors, so it was great fortune that I quickly found myself connecting with countless members of the community that already feel like old friends.

I have a firm belief that all Silver Lake issues are important and deserve their due attention, so I love that I am afforded the opportunity to engage with every SLNC Committee as well as an abundance of stakeholders in my positions as Secretary of the Governing Board and Co-Chair of the Outreach Committee.


Anthony Crump

Anthony Crump – Region 3 Representative, Governing Board Co-Chair

A resident of Silver Lake for more than 10 years, Anthony is a parent of Micheltorena Elementary School student, past president of Hilltop Nursery School, experienced facilitator and equity/social justice advocate.  He represented Region 3 on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council for five-plus years before taking time off. He also served as Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Co-chair and Treasurer. Professionally, Anthony serves as the Interim Deputy Executive Officer for Community Relations at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority.   He has worked for more than 20 years in community relations, bridging the gap between residents and local government.



Imran Syed – Region 4 Representative

Imran Syed has lived in Silver Lake for over 3 years. Actively participating in his local community is a priority for him. He is constantly trying to learn  of new ways that he can contribute to the well being of his neighborhood. Imran personally feels open dialogue and community events are a great tool for healing, and bringing people together.



Ianthe Zevos  – Region 4 Representative

A Silver Lake resident for the last 10+ years, I’m excited to serve on the Board representing Region 4 and give back to our eclectic, unique neighborhood. Silver Lake, like all of Los Angeles, continues to evolve and I am deeply committed to helping our neighborhood be the best it can be for all our diverse stakeholders.
Access, transparency, outreach and most important of all, listening and keeping a consistent dialogue with Silver Lake residents and businesses are my priorities, ensuring that everyone is heard and gets the attention and services they deserve.


Jeremy Commercial 2

Jeremy Black – Region 5 Representative

I ran for Silver Lake Neighborhood Council in order to help preserve the unique culture and community that sets Silver Lake apart from other areas of Los Angeles. I’ve lived around the world in some great places but Silver Lake is the only place that has ever truly felt like home. Its unique style and charm, coupled with its edginess and rich history, make it a perfect place for me to live. I live near the Sunset Plaza Triangle and have been witness to rapid growth and the loss of not just longstanding businesses but also some really iconic architecture and landmarks. I believe that gentrification is inevitable but must be managed responsibly so that we don’t lose what makes Silver Lake special.

I’m proud and honored to be a member of the Board and look forward to working with all stakeholders to make Silver Lake an even better place to live, work and play.



Maebe A. Girl – Region 5 Representative, Governing Board Treasurer

I’ve been a proud resident of diverse Silver Lake since 2013, living in Region 5, and I’m involved with the Lyric-Hyperion Cafe and Theatre, where I host and produce a weekly, all-ages drag show. I want Silver Lake to remain a safe and welcoming place for people of all backgrounds. LGBTQIA and Homelessness issues are my passion, and I encourage everyone to get involved.


Lena M. Najarian Kaderali – Region 6 Representative

Lena Najarian Kaderali is honored to represent Region 6 on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. Lena is a local public school parent and has historically been a vocal advocate for street safety issues, inclusive reservoir master planning process and equity within our community. Her professional experience in securities compliance, coupled with her educational background in library and information sciences, uniquely informs her commitment to transparency and accountability. To that end, Lena served as SLNC’s Treasurer in FY 19-20 and was proud to accomplish her objective, alongside her colleagues, of bringing such transparency and accountability to the Council’s financial affairs. Lena looks forward to serving the remainder of her term focusing her efforts on initiatives which are important to the continued success and growth of the Silver Lake community and is particularly passionate about equity and inclusion.


Scott Gamzon- Region 6 Representative

I believe that Silver Lake is the best neighborhood in Los Angeles and I am excited to serve on the SLNC representing Region 6. I first got involved in local politics through my work surrounding street safety and mobility issues. As co-founder of Keep Rowena Safe, I am proud that our work in educating the public helped protect the safety mitigations on Rowena Ave. from being removed. I seek to work with stakeholders to make all of the streets in Silver Lake more livable and safer for everyone who travels on them whether they are behind the wheel, on a bike, or on foot.

Outside of the SLNC, I am one of the volunteer coordinators for the Karsh Center Food Pantry in Koreatown and serve on the LGBTQ Diversity Committee of the Motion Picture Editors Guild. I have also served as co-treasurer for Friends of Ivanhoe.

Though it was street safety issues that introduced me to the SLNC, I am interested in hearing from stakeholders about all of their concerns and working to keep Silver Lake the friendly, vibrant and eclectic neighborhood that we all love.

C. Bard Headshot

Cameron Bard – Region 7 Representative

Cameron Bard is a proud father, husband, resident, and representative of Silver Lake’s Region 7. In addition to joining the SLNC Governing Board in Aug. 2020, Cameron has served as a co-chair of the Transportation & Public Safety Committee. In this role he has partnered with local constituents to promote and improve safe streets throughout Silver Lake, including the implementation of turn restrictions, repaving of crumbling infrastructure, and supporting transparent surveys to collect community feedback.

Cameron has spent his entire career advancing clean energy and addressing the climate crisis, working for nation-leading solar development and investment firms and helping to build strong communities. Before joining the solar industry, Cameron served in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration as chief of staff to the state’s energy czar. Cameron is an adjunct faculty instructor at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs and frequently guest lectures at colleges and universities across the country.


Sarah Ullman – Region 7 Representative

Sarah Ullman is proud to represent Region 7 on the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. She is a freelance director and the founder of One Vote at a Time, a team of filmmakers that makes free campaign videos for candidates who believe in gun safety legislation. Last year, her team of 56 female filmmakers served 191 gun sense candidates in 11 states. In the 2019 cycle, the One Vote team will serve 40 candidates from their Silver Lake production office.
Locally, Sarah has served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the foster care system for 3 years. She joined the Advisory Board of Silver Lake Forward upon its founding and cares deeply about making the Reservoir Master Plan process inclusive and equitable.
Sarah holds regular “office hours” at Silver Lake coffee shops where you can meet her to share your ideas, suggestions, and concerns. For dates and times, check her Facebook page, Sarah for Silver Lake.