• Motion approved to file Community Impact Statement (CIS) from the Homelessness Committee supporting an unarmed model of crisis response in non-violent calls for service using non-law enforcement agencies, specifically requesting that the city move away from using LAPD as first responders in homeless outreach
  • $300 outreach funds approved to publicize the Slow Streets program when the City approves the streets submitted by SLNC
  • Motion approved to send letter to city council and mayor endorsing the People’s Budget
  • Motion approved to send letter to city council and mayor condemning police violence and calling on the mayor to investigate police brutality and maltreatment
  • Motion approved to file Community Impact Statement (CIS) in support of restoring funding to the Office of Climate Emergency Mobilization and the Climate Emergency Commission
  • Motion approved to adopt the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Anti-Racism Resolution
  • Motion approved to send letter to city council and mayor encouraging bold action on homelessness prevention efforts given the economic impacts of COVID-19 and brought to light by the recent Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) 2020 Homeless Count
  • Motion approved to file Community Impact Statement (CIS) opposing city councilmember Joe Buscaino’s motion to arm park rangers


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our virtual Governing Board Meeting on July 1st. Brief recap:

  • $5,650 NPG approved to Pueblo Nuevo to buy grocery gift cards for low-income SLNC families at Camino Nuevo Cisneros Charter School in the wake of the COVID pandemic
  • Motion approved recommending approval for the construction of 6 small lot homes at 2822 Waverly Drive
  • Motion approved recommending the planting of two native street trees in the sidewalk in front of L & E Oyster bar in memory of Timothy Stirton who was tragically killed there in a traffic incident on June 17, 2020
  • $1,620 NPG Approved to SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition to distribute prepared meals to approximately 90 low-income and unhoused community members in July 2020
  • $500 NPG Approved to Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center for re-opening after COVID programs and infrastructure
  • Motion approved to create the SLNC Ad Hoc Committee on Police Reform

Draft minutes forthcoming and will supersede this brief recap. The Governing Board is planning a Special Meeting for the week of July 6th to cover the many new business items on the agenda that we ran out of time to discuss.

Week of July 6, Date TBD, Special Meeting 7 – 10PM

Wednesday, August 5, Regular Meeting 7 – 10PM