Urban Design & Preservation

Please check the monthly calendar for meeting dates and times. Regular meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of the month. 

Co-chairs: Anne-Marie Johnson and Scott Plante

The Urban Design and Preservation Committee (UDP) is Silver Lake’s land use committee. The name UDP was devised in 2009 when the committee started as we do more than review land use issues: we do our best to holistically look out for the urban design and architectural preservation of our community.

UDP coordinates, advises, develops alternative suggestions and provides a voice for the community with regards to Urban Planning, Design, Development, and Preservation issues within Silver Lake.


The Urban Design and Preservation Committee is a part of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council. We review and advise on land use issues in our community. We do not review all projects built in Silver Lake – only those that trigger a public hearing by City Planning. We are advisory – and our recommendations are not binding though they are considered by City Planning when a project is reviewed.

If a project is recommended at this Committee, it is then forwarded to the full Neighborhood Council for review. If a project is then recommended by the Neighborhood Council, a letter noting that support will be forwarded to City Planning.

If a project is not recommended by this Committee, the decision is sent to the Neighborhood Council where it is noted and a letter of non-recommendation will be sent to City Planning.


The UDP Committee requires membership for voting rights. Per SLNC Standing Rule 33. b.:

 The SLNC Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee shall establish a specifically defined process of its membership, based on the committee subject and extended responsibilities it holds on behalf of the community. In order to become an eligible UD&PAC “voting member” a stakeholder shall have attended and signed in three (3) meetings in a four (4) month period and will be eligible to vote at the third (3rd) meeting. UD&PAC “voting membership” lapses after three (3) consecutive absences.

Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every meeting, and if you are interested in becoming a member please email us at urbandesign@silverlake.com or tell us at a monthly meeting.


Current Projects (Links to Google Docs):

Agendas and Minutes



Find Urban Design & Preservation Archived Agendas and Minutes HERE

Current Valuable Information on our Facebook Page.

UDP_Icon_Applicant Guidelines

SLNC UD&P Applicant Guidelines, updated 02.13.17


Silver Lake NC ABC Policy

L.A. Department of Building & Safety (DBS):

1. Property Permit Verification Site

L.A. Department of City Planning (DCP):

1. LA DCP Home Page
a. Find new and already implemented ordinances
b. Public hearings schedule

2. Property Information Site/ ZIMAS

3. City of L.A. Municipal Code